BLOG: Perception 2017 – a festival of vibrant drama, music and debate

By August 30, 2017News

This Autumn, we are proud to launch Perception 2017, a festival of vibrant theatre, music & debate. Witness performances over the course of October that will examine the impact of making radical choices.

This year, a diverse spread of artists will explore what happens when you can’t fit in. Authentic meets fabricated, cultural stereotypes are challenged, live and digital meet in distorted reality, an unromantic attempts romance and testimonies are relived on stage verbatim.

Highlights include critically acclaimed Scandal and Gallows Theatre, who open the festival with their new engaging and farcical staging of Gogol’s famous short story The Overcoat. Edinburgh hit show Mary and Me from Irish performer and playwright Irene Kelleher, about a 15-year-old girl who gives birth in a grotto, runs for three nights. Futures Theatre returns to Omnibus with critically acclaimed playwright Kay Adshead and new play A Cracked Plaster Sky, inspired by true stories of street prostitution, a story set over 70 years that proposes a different way of being and reveals other shining universes.

Started in 2015, Perception is Omnibus Theatre’s annual festival about changing perceptions through challenging preconceptions; about the judgements we make and what judgements do to us.

Perception 2017 runs from 3 – 28 October at Omnibus Theatre, Clapham. The full programme can be found on our website at the following link-

What will you bring to the debate?



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