BLOG: Make Your Own Zeraffa Giraffa Mask!

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We’ve been having lots of fun at Omnibus Theatre making giraffe masks for our Winter show, Zeraffa Giraffa. We had lots of lovely children making them at the recent Clapham Old Town Fair, and we wanted to share it with you so you can make your own at home!

Remember to always get an adult to help you when using scissors!

Step One: Gather together your craft materials! We used a yellow paper plate (or you can get a white one and colour it in), some coloured bits of paper (we used yellow, orange and brown), a glue stick, safety scissors, a piece of elastic, and a black pen.


Step Two: Get an adult to use sharp scissors to cut two holes in the plate so you can see through the mask!


Step Three: Using the colour paper, cut out two ears and two horns.


Step Four: Glue the ears and horns into place on the paper plate.


Step Five: Cut out a circle from yellow paper and then cut once into the centre of the circle.


Step Six:  Pull the circle around into a cone shape, and glue into place.


Step Seven: Draw on Zeraffa’s nostrils and a smiley mouth, then glue the cone into place on the mask.


Step Eight: Cut out some brown squares of paper, these can be any shapes and sizes you like.


Step Nine: Glue the brown squares onto Zeraffa’s face, these will make the giraffe pattern!


Step Ten: Use your pen to add on any more detail you want. We gave Zeraffa some eyelashes and some fur in her ears!


Step Eleven: Get an adult to use sharp scissors to push holes on either side of the mask, thread the elastic through, measure it to your head and then tie knots in either end to secure it.


Step Twelve: You are now ready to wear your giraffe mask! Have fun!



Zeraffa Giraffa will run at Omnibus Theatre from 25 Nov – 17 Dec, and is recommended for children aged 4 – 8 and their families. Visit the website page for more details. 

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