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Punk: The Originals

Wed 7 - Fri 7 Oct, 10am - 6pm (excl. Sundays) EXTENDED BY POPULAR DEMAND


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To celebrate the 40th anniversary of the punk movement, Omnibus are holding an exhibition of iconic yet very personal photographs by Erica Echenberg called Punk: Originals. The series is part of Punk London, a year-long programme celebrating 40 years of subversive culture.

Erica was there at the birth of Punk and took pictures of what she saw, documenting this remarkable and influential movement from the inside. As she explains …

“Because my mindset is photographic it was just an extension of myself. Instead of writing a song which I couldn’t do, I could take a photo, capture the moment and what I took I felt was part of myself”.


Erica Echenberg is hailed as one of the best photographers of the Punk Generation, and in these intimate photographs, she explores the characters that filled London’s clubs, their DIY aesthetic, anti-authoritarian attitudes and commitment to non-conformity.

Echenberg captured the energy and essence of the Punk movement from its inception, photographing Punk pioneers and icons at the beginning of their road to fame including The Clash, The Damned, The Slits and Johnny Rotten.

See first-hand and close up Erica Echenberg’s high-energy work documenting the birth of a remarkable anti-establishment movement that sent shockwaves through the 20th Century and beyond.