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So, This is What Happened…

Thu 29 June, 7.30pm

| £6

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True stories told by you.

Six people tell their extraordinary stories. They’re poignant, funny, life affirming, cathartic and true. You could be a part of it if you have a story to tell.

Hosted by Laurel Lefkow and James Richardson. Join us on the last Thursday of every month for this extraordinary evening that celebrates the power of words.

“An opportunity for connection, celebration and participation”
Francesca Baker, The State of the Arts

Interested in telling a story with us? Get in touch: enquiries@omnibus-clapham.org

This month’s storyellers include…

Susan Ma

Susan is the daughter of 1st generation Chinese immigrant parents who ran a restaurant business she grew up working in. Her parents were rather hopeful she would either take over the restaurant business or at least get a decent job and marry a man and settle down. Striving for independence, she took a rather alternative approach to life. After graduating she served in British Military Intelligence and served in Bosnia much to her parents dismay, on returning to the UK she used these credentials to pave her 13 year career in the private investigations industry, a property entrepreneur also, she used her investments to start a charity and social enterprise empowering women. Just last year she was a Sky Sports Presenter in front of 3.5million viewers. She’s now currently ventured into the network marketing industry waving the flag for ethical toxin free beauty and nutrition products. Her proudest achievement was climbing the Matterhorn in 2015 and more recently she completed her own challenge of 12 Weeks to 6 pack Abs and is inspiring others taking up fitness and living healthy lifestyles.

Karen Schumacher

Karen is a local working mother of 3 who has been living in the area for the last 20- years. Before that she lived in Indonesia and Ethiopia, teaching English which she continued to do in inner London, switching to practising as an educational psychologist in local Wandsworth schools.

Frederik van der Zeeuw

Frederik is Dutch, and has lived in London for three years. Technically that qualifies him as a migrant, but he’s here to stay, and definitely not going to let himself be deported! He likes cycling around London, although by Dutch standards that’s rather suicidal. He’s very much interested in UK domestic politics, but again by Dutch standards that’s currently also rather suicidal. He works in the City, but not as a banker! He is the Director of a global executive recruitment firm. He says that his excuse to relocate to London was work, however the real reason for moving was to be with the love of his life!

Danny Scheinmann

Danny Scheinmann is a best selling novelist, actor, film director, storyteller and occasional teacher. His first novel “Random Acts of Heroic Love” was an International bestseller and was translated in to 21 languages. His second novel “The Half Life of Joshua Jones” will be out in paperback in June. In 2015 he wrote and co-directed an award winning short film called The Divorce with his brother. The Scheinmann brothers have just directed their first feature film together “After Louise”. As an actor he has performed at the National Theatre, Birmingham Rep, with Alan Ayckbourn in Scarborough, and toured to over 30 countries. He is currently playing a shortsighted French plumber in the latest Specsavers Ad.

Tom Kearney

Despite his fresh-off-the-boat Yankee accent, London resident, husband and father of two boys Tom Kearney has lived outside the USA for nearly twenty-five years while pursuing an international career in the global energy commodities market. Over this time, Tom has found himself on the road a lot, pursuing deals in garden spots like Ukraine, Siberia, Guinea and Indonesia. On the 18th of December 2009, Tom found himself on the road again, this time bleeding out in a near-death coma after being struck in the head and chest by a red-light-jumping bendy bus on Oxford Street.

Kassandra Gordon

Kassandra is a Hackney based jewellery designer, spoken word artist and Toastmaster. She studied at Holts Academy (part of the University of the Arts London).

Kassandra is a member of 104 Debaters (a Toastmaster speciality debating club) and has an MA in Social Research from the University of Warwick. She is the incoming Area Director at Toastmasters, and will be responsible for looking after six public speaking clubs in London.