Marking 50 years since the Sexual Offences Act 1967, Unnatural Acts is all about repression, activism and questioning how far we’ve really come.

ANNOUNCING: Pecs Drag Collective will now be bringing The Mansformation Workshop for those who have always wanted the chance to experiment with drag!

An eclectic blend of cabaret, comedy and theatricality makes up this year’s LGBT+ festival.

We kick off with New York Times acclaimed Jessica Walker’s cabaret Forbidden Love, transporting you back to the Weimar dives of 1920s Berlin, the nightclubs of 1930s Paris and the music halls of Britain and America.

Out of Sight follows, an extract of David Dandridge’s new play New Cross Spartacus, exploring the displacement of older gay men amidst London’s gentrification.

There are two chances to catch Stamp – a challenging battle-of-the-sexes game show by Spunglass Theatre.

We then present Queer Shorts, a brand new film night along with post-show panel discussions.

Come along to The Mansformation Workshop from Pecs. Learn how to walk, talk and act like a man. Open to all self-identifying women and non-binaries, do not miss your chance to  finally play at being a man.

We end with Rosie Wilby‘s The Conscious Uncoupling that interweaves a rich, romantic narrative about two people connecting and disconnecting in our increasingly serially monogamous society.