Edinburgh Previews 2022

Get one jump ahead of Edinburgh Festival Fringe this Summer at Omnibus Theatre.

A dynamic mix of emerging and established theatre-makers will preview their work in Clapham before heading to the largest theatre festival in the world, giving Londoners the first chance to experience some of the best of the Fringe before anyone else.

Supporting new work and adventurous artists is at the heart of what we do, which is why each year we provide a stage for creators to test out their work ahead of the Fringe. Join us for some unforgettable and affordable theatre, with all tickets at £9 or less.

Stay tuned to see what’s on this year.

16 JUL-2 AUG

Daddy Issues

16-17 JULY

Daddy Issues, created by the Passing Stranger Theatre Company, is a newly written dark comedy about daddy issues, sex work, bedroom fantasies, imperfect feminism and immigration. If you ever thought you may have parental issues or know someone who does, this show if for you!

Marcus Brigstocke: Absolute Shower

16-18 JUL

Join multi-award winning stand-up Marcus Brigstocke as he road-tests brand-new material in this work in progress show. As seen on Argumental, Live At The Apollo, Have I Got News For You and Mock the Week.


19-20 JUL

Original raver Louise wonders how she went from ecstasy-taking, anti-establishment idealist, to respectable, disillusioned school gate yummy mummy.


20 JUL

A new show from James Rowland featuring his captivating mix of theatre, comedy and music. LEARNING TO FLY sees James tell the story of a remarkable friendship he made when he was a lonely, unhappy teenager with the scary old lady who lived in the spooky house on his street.


21-22 JUL

On the edge of a breakdown, Wilbert decides to confront the not-so-well-kept secret of his shadow self and provocative cabaret artist: Destructive Desmond. This darkly absurd tale encapsulates the emergence of the authentic self-questioning what is real and what is simply a performance. 

That's a Bit of Sheer Luck! - A Sherlock Holmes Parody

22 JUL

Long gone are the glory days of Sherlock and Watson…in comes the new era of Sheerluck and Whatsitt. Get ready for a woofdunnit like never before, as you join Sheerluck on the hunt for a preposterous puppy plucker! 

Block'd Off

26-27 JUL

Working-class means many things now. Everyone knows the stereotypes, but it’s time to hear their voices. Based on real stories and real lives, Block’d Off is a hard-hitting one-woman play exposing what it’s like to be working-class in London today.

Utter Mess!

27-28 JUL

Embrace the chaos with StoneCrabs’ new magical, thought-provoking, funny, and blissful theatrical journey. Enter the Museum of Lost Things where nothing is remembered forever, and frankly, it is a complete and utter mess. Yet, if you surrender to the chaos, it is also magical, funny and blissful too.


31 JUL

Ange Lavoipierre: ‘I’ve got 99 Problems and Here is An Exhaustive List of Them’

99 problems. 50 minutes. One woman. One spider suit. 30 seconds per problem. An insufficient number of solutions. 

Eli Matthewson: ‘Daddy Short-Legs’

Award-winning Eli Matthewson is taking you back through some huge life revelations that tookplace in some seriously shitty cars, from when he came out to his dad, to 10 years later when his dad came out to him.

James Roque: ‘Badong’

A favourite on the New Zealand comedy scene for the last 10 years, Kiwi-Filipino James Roque makes his debut at the Edinburgh Fringe.



Nick is cooking for Sam and, if all goes to plan, this will be their first and last meeting… Inspired by shocking true events, FIJI blends True Crime with Romantic Comedy to deliver a hilarious, but twisted thrill-ride.