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Challenging Perceptions

Mon 2 Oct - Sat 28 Oct, 10am-6pm

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Louise Montague and Jacob Seddon are two talented artists who join us to celebrate our Perception Festival. They swim against the tide continually because they are among the 10% of the population who are classified as dyslexic.

Dyslexia is frequently perceived as a disability but in fact many of our most famous and successful artists, creators, inventors and entrepreneurs are or were dyslexic, people such as Picasso, Leonardo Da Vinci, Any Warhol, Walt Disney, John Lennon, David Bailey, Steve Jobs, Richard Branson, Jamie Oliver, Eddie Izzard, Tom Cruise, President JF Kennedy, Albert Einstein, Thomas Edison, Michael Faraday, Stephen Spielberg, Beethoven – to name but a few – and their talent to think differently makes a positive difference to all of us.

Louise is severely dyslexic but this did not stop her from graduating with a first class honours degree. Today she is a successful textile designer and artist as well as an arts development worker with both children and adults. Her work is inspired by travelling in the Far East and the Caribbean and reflects on nature. Colour is a powerful influence throughout her work.

Jacob is a painter from Scotland who studied and lives in London. His work represents not one particular moment in time, but a collection of feelings, emotions and personal experiences. He sees his work as a response to the sadness, pain and suffering in the world re-told as something beautiful, to give people hope. His work has provided him with another way to express himself.

In putting on this exhibition Omnibus Theatre was aided by Elizabeth Kwarteng – Amaning CEO of Aspire2inspire Dyslexia, a local charitable organisation that aims to bring awareness of dyslexia within the community and to encourage entrepreneurship.

This exhibition is part of our October Festival, Perception 2017.