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Engine Room

Wed 30 May, 7:30pm

| £6

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Dynamic and talented theatre makers perform new work in front of an audience, often for the very first time. Engine Room puts you at the heart of the creative process – these artists want to hear what you think. Be part of the conversation.

This month’s Engine Room is curated by our associate artist Sally Pomme Clayton. Artists in this months Engine Room include…

An Odyssey by The Orang Collectif

The Orang Collectif created by Natalie Wong and Arthur Astier, is a cross-disciplinary and multicultural collective, exploring different forms of art through text, movement and music.

AN ODYSSEY is a 9 vignette performance inspired by Homer’s Odyssey which explores identity – questioning the concept of self and and what defines us.

CIRCE probes the primal, leaving behind the decorum of society in narcotic stupor and blurs the notion of home. Connected to the space, Circe is everything. Omniscient.

Kore Values

Kore was playing with flowers when she was raped by her Uncle Hades and taken down into darkness and death. Her mother, Demeter, searched until she found her daughter and brought her back to light and life.

This summary above is read line by line on a screen, but for 1500 years, the Ancient Greeks acted it out, using secret rituals that took away the fear of death. ‘Mighty Demeter’ was like a babushka doll. Holding within her all the characters of the story, she was ‘one in herself.’

Gresham Knight and Hammad experiment with storytelling, film, ritual and personal narrative asking the questions, ‘Is it possible to overcome the fear of death? Is it possible to be ‘one in yourself?’


Cecily, Jane and Dan are related by blood and marriage and have made two autobiographical shows together – BIG SPACE about Mothers and Daughters and SMALL SPACE about a couple. ALL THOSE THINGS completes the trilogy, putting them onstage together looking at The Family in all its gory detail: the negotiation of love and territory, of blood versus the family that someone else chooses for you.

Juxtaposing heritage and memory with the fictions and archetypes of Hamlet, Cinderella and Orestes, it’s a family story about ALL THOSE THINGS.

“She delights in subverting her audiences expectations.” The Independent on Sally Pomme Clayton

Photo Credit: Christina Bulford

Running time 120 mins