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Performance an Exhibiton by Philip O’Reilly

Fri 5 Jan - Sun 4 Feb, 10am - 6pm


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Philip O’Reilly presents his new exhibition entitled Performance.

I became interested in Mime and Visual Theatre and Puppetry amongst other things many years ago but never imagined I would ever produce a body of work around these topics. Inspiration for this collection of artworks comes from performances in Mime, Puppetry, Visual or Physical Theatre and Music.

The artwork is linked by the exhibition title ‘Performance’. I am guided in the subject matter by the performers and their performances and the narrative they expressed. The artwork reveals the thoughts, materials and methods that I explored to create them. Its akin to a theatrical rehearsal, where a concept is tried and tested, rehearsed and altered. The shapes, images and implicit narratives are the product of the performing artistes theatrical imagination as much as my own.

My approach is to take the liberty to reinterpret their events in a free way. The artworks follow the traditional materials of painting and printmaking but taking on a new perspective in the crafting and handling of the raw materials, images and forms and the application of colour.

Philip O’Reilly NDD DFA