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So, This Is What Happened…

Thu 22 Feb, 7.30pm

| £6

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True stories told by you. Ordinary people tell their extraordinary stories.

They’re poignant, funny, life affirming, cathartic and true. You could be a part of it if you have a story to tell. Join us on the last Thursday of each month for this extraordinary evening with the power of words.

Interested in telling a story with us? Get in touch: enquiries@omnibus-clapham.org

This months storytellers include:

Elaine Snell

Elaine Snell has lived in London for most of her life and thinks it is the best city in the world!  Oddly, veterinary nursing and then selling advertising space for The Guardian newspaper led her to running the press offices for the British Heart Foundation and the Wellcome Trust. Fascinated by medical research she set up a communications consultancy to promote science and medicine.  For more than 20 years she has worked with organisations all over the world, mostly in neuroscience.   In 2015 she quit her job, rented out the house and took a sabbatical (well, a belated gap year) and travelled around Australia, New Zealand, South America and USA.  As well as travelling, she loves cooking, hiking and cycling.

Michelle Ellison

Michelle has been on a journey over the last 4 years, after making the decision to get out of her comfort zone and challenge an ‘I can’t’ mentality. Michelle has spent her last four years creating a life of adventure while maintaining a professional working London lifestyle. This lead her to the challenge of walking to the highest point in every European country (50 countries and 48 peaks). Learning how to love running in 15 weeks, to run the London marathon. Stand up paddle boarding the English Channel to France, the River Thames from source to sea, the Caledonian Canal in Scotland and the Sognefjord – the longest fjord in Noway.  Michelle is passionate about the outdoors, what adventure creates mentality and physically, and is currently exploring how she can help others gain the confidence to get outside and create their own adventure. 

Simon Crowe

Simon Crowe is a coach who naturally very curious. He loves taking clients on life-changing adventures into their heart and soul and helping them create things may at first seem impossible. He coaches entrepreneurs and high-achievers to create visions of things that can have a positive impact the world and enjoy live more as a result. Simon shares his passion for humanitarian work in West Africa with people wishing to develop themselves in totally new and unexplored ways by taking them to Liberia where he is involved in a school building project.Simon loves sharing stories of his adventures as an occasional speaker and podcast guest.

Josh Liu

Josh is a tech entrepreneur now working on his 4th startup in the cycling space. He is also an entrepreneur trainer and coach at Royal Academy of Engineering. He has passion for public speaking and now a member at Early Bird Toastmaster club.

Helen Chapman 

Helen  is a Female Empowerment coach and is the founder and director of ‘Rebel Love Journey’. Having spent 10 years in the media and creative industry, she reached breaking point 4 years ago. Having experienced crippling shame, depression, and anxiety nearly all her life, she quit her job as a producer and began selling pies on farmers markets… 

Following a little light inside of her that never went out, she embarked upon what turned out to be 3 years of Jungian analysis… she thought she was only going in for 6 sessions…And it was in this journey into the unknown that she discovered… amongst many other things (including discovering that she was rather good at selling pies…) what she had been put on this earth to do; and that was to become a female empowerment coach.

Scott Keyser

Scott Keyser — aka The Writing Guy — is a published author, writing skills trainer and bid consultant, based in Balham but working all over the world. Scott helps professional services firms that do technically complex work (eg actuaries, auditors, accountants, engineers, IT consultants, lawyers, scientists), but they struggle to communicate the value of that work to their market. They’re the first to admit that communicating is not their forte. Scott simply shows them how to make their communications clear, concise and compelling. Most people agree that writing is a life skill. Scott’s mission is to show the world that writing well is neither an innate gift nor a Ninja-style black art, but a learnable skill.