A glimpse into the world of Peter Gill's poetic masterpiece Small Change.

Set on the east side of Cardiff in the 1950s and 70s, Peter Gill’s poetic masterpiece centres around Gerard, a troubled man at the end of youth, trapped by his past. He relives his vibrant childhood, to try and grasp what made him the person he is.

Celebrated playwright Peter Gill’s intricate exploration of boyhood, the complex relationships between mothers and sons and the search for truth, is widely regarded as his finest play.

“It’s not only pictures of the past that invented me, but the literal past. Things happened that couldn’t be changed.”

Both Barrels Theatre’s production of Small Change by Peter Gill was programmed as part of our Summer Season 2020. At this point it would have just completed its run here, as well as at Strode Theatre in Somerset. The production is now postponed until the theatres can re-open.

We’re now excited to give you a glimpse into the world of Small Change and what inspired the team as they prepared the play for rehearsals.

On our YouTube channel we will be releasing three videos. In the first director George Richmond-Scott talks about why he loves the play and its exploration of memory. In the second actor Sian Ejiwunmi-Le Berre performs a monologue from the play. In the third actor Toby Gordon performs a monologue inspired by Peter Gill‘s piece, written by director George Richmond-Scott. In addition we’re giving you a sneak peek at designer Liam Bunster‘s photos and a designed image inspired by the company’s research trip to Cardiff.

We hope you can come and share the story when this long-awaited revival is finally makes it to the stage.

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19 May
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