Talos: Sci-Fi Theatre Festival | Mission Creep

8 Dec | 7pm | £12, £10

External Hire

mission creep: noun. A gradual shift in objectives, often resulting in an unplanned long-term commitment

Tess and Liam are determined to get off the planet at any cost. On paper, they’re the perfect applicants for Britain’s intergalactic relocation project: they’re young, fertile, and their queerplatonic relationship might even pass for heterosexual bliss. All that’s left is to get past Mary and the interview…and if they have to do one or two extra things to impress the panel, isn’t it worth it to avoid the apocalypse?

★★★★“Very clever comedy melange, looking at nuclear war, aliens and sexuality. Tight script, sparkling acting.” London Pub Theatres

★★★★“Bee Scott cleverly morphs comedy and science fiction with undertones of horror in this original and engaging play.” Jonathan Marshall, Broadway World Review