Talos: Sci-Fi Theatre Festival | We Sing, I Sang

3 Dec, 7pm & 4 Dec 9pm | £12, £10

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“We sing an old song,
Our memories united
Of our world that die-

The Mind journeys across the stars, a harmonious collective consciousness of peoples from a now-lost world. It sings to itself, far more than any individual could be – but while reflecting on the past, its individual fragments emerge and try to remember what they once were. Drawn into memories of the crisis, the Mind begins to schism and crack.

An improvised opera, drawing on the audience’s experiences and stories to create a new collective Mind each night. What was the crisis? Who were the fragments? And why did they join the Mind? A world will be built and lost over the course of the evening.

Bringing together elements of improvisation, opera, and ritual, Virtually Opera presents a new fusion to create a piece of sci-fi storytelling about individuality and collective power.

Previous praise for Virtually Opera:

“punchy, energetic staging” Opera Magazine

“fresh… unlocks the mysteries” The Guardian

Created by Leo Doulton, writer/director of the Offie-nominated Don Jo!, Hannah Gardiner, of the 2019 St Martin-in-the-Fields Chamber Competition-winning Brompton Quartet, and Rosalie Warner, star of the Orchestra for the Earth’s Alpine Tour.