Talos: Sci-Fi Theatre Festival: Stage the Future III: Conference on Science Fiction Theatre

6 & 7 Dec | 2-6pm | £15, £10

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Stage the Future III:

Third International Academic Conference on Science Fiction Theatre

6-7 December 2019

Omnibus Theatre (Studio Upstairs), Clapham, London

(Part of Talos III: Science Fiction Theatre Festival of London)


Friday 6 Dec 2019 | 2-5pm

2-2.20pm. Registration

2.20-2.30pm. Opening Remarks-Welcome

2.30-3.35pm. Panel I: Science Fiction Performance

· “Theatre and post-apocalypse: the performance of ruins” Ian Farnell (University of Warwick)

· “The Impossibility of Being Alien: On Audience Personification of Nonhuman Characters” Dr Lilith Acadia (Trinity College Dublin / University of Michigan)

· “Songs of the Satellites: the dramaturgy of space junk [Performance Lecture/Provocation]” Dr Zelda Hannay (University of Sheffield)

3.35 – 3.50pm. Break

3.50 – 4.55pm. Panel II: Staging Sci-Fi Drama & Poetic Performance

· “Between materiality, representation and the real” Sanja Vodovnik & Jimena García Álvarez-Buylla (University of Toronto)

· “Seeing double: staging the multiverse in Daniel Kitson’s Mouse: the persistence of an unlikely thought (2016) and Nick Payne’s Constellations (2012)” Anna Wilson (University of Salford)

· “Science Fiction Spoken Word – or Future Beat” Dr Suzie Gray (Suzie GeeForce; independent researcher)


Saturday 7 Dec 2019 | 2-5pm

2-2.15pm. Registration

2.15-3.15pm. Keynote

· “When robots appear on our stages: Posthumanist naturalism or science fiction?” Dr Louise LePage (University of York)

3.15-4pm. Panel III: Approaches to Genre

· “Digital Culture, Hybridity and Intermediality: Towards a Science Fiction Theatre aesthetics” Dr Stella Keramida (University of Reading)

· “Waiting for Godric: Crossing fantasy thresholds through the stage” Marita Arvaniti (University of Glasgow)

4-4.15pm. Break

4.15-5pm. Panel IV: Sci-Fi Humour on Stage

· “Dystopian narratives in a utopian form: how the marriage of musical theatre, science fiction and camp can be used to explore dark or uncomfortable themes” Ellin Sears (Murdoch University)

· “It was Mirth all Along!: How Comedy benefits Science-Fiction in the Theatre” Stephen B. Platt (Murdoch University)


The conference is organised by Dr Christos Callow Jr (University of Derby), Dr Andriana Domouzi (Royal Holloway, University of London); Marita Arvaniti (PhD Candidate, University of Glasgow); the theatre company Cyborphic and the London Science Fiction Research Community.