Everything I Am


Everything I Am

21 Nov 2018


£13, £11 concessions

Unreserved seating

I’m a bit tired.
Tired of biting my tongue.
Bored of letting things slide.
I’m fed up with not calling things out.

Tash is a queer Black woman. She’s also silenced, a lot.

If it’s not by her well-meaning yet homophobic Jamaican aunties, then it’s by her equally well-meaning yet racist queer friends. And let’s not get started on the white feminists…

Things will change soon, though. She’s taking cues from the master of speaking their mind – Kanye West. What could go wrong?

Everything I Am is a hilarious and captivating exploration of identity, power and celebrity worship.

Presented by Natasha Simone
Directed by Lynette Linton


Everything I Am | Audience Tweets

“…one of the best things I’ve seen in ages…just excellent writing, direction and an incredible performance. THAT is theatre!”

“…one of those glorious times in a theatre when you feel like something magic happens”

“Most incredible one-person play I’ve seen in a very long time”

“If you’re in London you need to stop what you’re doing and book tickets…GO!”