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Time London Identity is a series of free workshops that connect LGBTQIA+ young people with innovative LGBTQIA+ professional artists and the performance perspectives that fuel them. No previous knowledge or experience of theatre or performance is required, the sessions are open to all 18-25-year olds who live in London and identify as LGBTQIA+.

In each workshop participants will be invited to play, create, connect and dive into an exciting new practice or technique to explore the concepts of time, London and identity. With no final performance, outcome or expectation, the workshops are just about the magic in the process of creating and discovering a spark or connection, potentially for the first time.

From physical performance to puppetry, spoken word to dance, every workshop can be engaged with using a smartphone or any device with internet access and Zoom. Omnibus Theatre have the ability to cover the cost of extra data where data acts as a barrier to your getting involved.

1-28 MAR
(MON or SUN)
2-4PM (SUN)
7-9PM (MON)


Linden McMahon

Marlon Kameka

Matthew Rawcliffe

Amie Taylor

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