Engine Room is Omnibus Theatre’s flagship artist support programme, giving theatre makers and artists the opportunity to experiment, play and develop ideas. Engine Room usually takes place once a month and each one features 3-4 theatre makers.

For each Engine Room participant, we offer:

  • A 20-minute performance slot in our Theatre, or 30 minute reading of your piece for an invited audience
  • Up to three days free rehearsal space at Omnibus Theatre
  • A dramaturgical session with our Literary Officer Sam Pout
  • Technical assistance from our team, who will run your technical rehearsal and operate during the performance
  • Meaningful audience feedback

You might be a writer, director, spoken-word artist, dancer, puppeteer, performance artist, choreographer, drag artist, cabaret or burlesque artist, solo artist, theatre company or collective.

Engine Room is part of our commitment to supporting artists and theatre makers, championing new voices and challenging perceptions. Artists that have previously presented work include; Nouveau Riché, Vera Chok, The Queer House, Opia Collective, Cocoa Butter Club and Playing On.

Submissions for Engine Room are OPEN. Submissions close on Monday, 1st April, 10am.

Want to take part?

In the application form we will ask you a little bit about yourself/your company, the show you are looking to develop and what you hope to get out of Engine Room. The show can be at any point in its development so please do not be deterred if your idea is just a flicker in your mind – that is exactly what Engine Room is for!

The dates are:

27 May
17 June
8 July

In the form you will be asked if you have a preference for date.

If you have any questions at all Please get in touch with Sam at sam.pout@omnibus-clapham.org if you have any questions or would like to arrange a Zoom chat. This would just be an informal chat to answer any questions you might have and won’t form part of the application or decision-making process.

Best of luck with your application. We look forward to reading them!