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Sun 22 Jan, 1-3pm – Battersea Jazz Collective

Sun 5 Feb, 1-3pm – School of Desire

Sun 19 Feb, 1-3pm — Battersea Jazz Collective

Sun 5 March, 1-3pm – School of Desire

Sun 9 March, 1-3pm – Battersea Jazz Collective

Sun 9 April, 1-3pm – School of Desire

Sun 23 April, 1-3pm – Battersea Jazz Collective


Sun 29 Jan, 7PM
Sun 26 Feb, 7PM
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by João Villas
23 JAN - 12 FEB

Placeholders is a film that subtly distorts and questions our relationship to time. It is a video montage comprising four mirrored images stitched together into a single panoramic image which was framed and shot over 120 days between lockdowns.

On the screen we see someone entering from the left. It is a sunny Spring afternoon and there is a distinct absence of sound. Perhaps imperceptible to the eye, the flowers in the background have withered when he walks past the second frame in the midst of a late August drought. And, as he finally exits to the right, it is a cold April morning.

These protagonists occupy this revolving stage of entrances and exits. Like characters in Becket’s, ‘Waiting for Godot’, our actants are ‘placeholders’. Trapped in this liminal space – forever in transit but going nowhere. Their transitory existence, documented fragments of their everyday life are the carefully shuffled pieces of a reality puzzle, inviting the viewer to construct their own narratives where the individual stories of these residents become transpersonal through repetition. Caught in the loop of time transients become a continuum.

OUT ON AN ISLAND, an LGBTQ+ History through portraits
Curated by Stonecrabs
3 FEB - 3 MAR

In a collaborative effort among LGBTQ+ Island residents, Out on An Island signifies the first ever project dedicated to local LGBTQ+ oral history on the Isle of Wight. Created in remarkable circumstances, it celebrates a close-knit community surviving together in the face of exclusion, prejudice and misrepresentation. The result is an inspiring collection of interviews from LGBTQ+ people concerning their lives on the Island.

Each interviewee has been skillfully captured through photographic portraits by Jon Habens. Each portrait sought to capture a character snapshot of the interviewees in familiar settings, either at their homes or local areas. Each case was approached from the starting point of listening to the interview and trying to create an image sensitive to the mood and tone of those words.

Visitors can listen to these oral histories gaining a new perspective of what was/is to be LGBTQ+ on the Isle of Wight, where expressions of non-normative sexualities and genders have always been present.
Out On An Island is a project produced by StoneCrabs Theatre with support of the National Heritage Lottery Fund. The project has researched and unearthed 100 years of LGBTQ+ History on the Isle of Wight. The research, alongside the Oral Histories, are available in book format published by Medina Books available online and all major bookshops.

Check out the exhibition launch event on 3 February. Find out more →