Omnibus Story Circle is a free storytelling programme via Zoom for AGE UK participants.

Devised with AGE UK and MYSocial, Story Circle is a creative space for participants to explore their lived experiences and limitless imagination through a variety of provocations and exercises devised by pioneering storyteller Sally Pomme Clayton. Together, the group share and create stories based on new themes each week that are inspired by their own memories and lived experiences; tales that centre around the lush nature of their childhoods, household objects that hold a special memory or their unique connections to a place they hold dear.

The project aims to create a social, creative and safe space where the participants can tap into their boundless potential as storytellers. When social distancing is finally over and it is safe for the participants to visit us, we will welcome them all for an in-person sharing at Omnibus Theatre.

You can find more information on AGE UK here.
You can find more information on MYSocial here.