Explore your own personal fairytale moment with the Librarians of The Fairytale Library.

Choose your own way in and find yourself in the world of your favourite story. Through informal conversation, The Librarians will both guide and follow you as you roam through the forest, climb the mountain, or dance in the palace of your fairytale moment.

The Fairytale Library contains hundreds of Fairytale Moments, each captured anonymously. Adding your Fairytale Moment to the Library is optional: The Librarians will explain how it works at the end of the Gathering process. The process is guided by The Librarians but will be led by you according to your comfort levels.

The Librarians are both called Jen. They’ve been gathering stories for many years, usually one-on-one but sometimes from large groups too. They are both theatre makers in many ways including writing and directing.

Come on in, find a comfy place to sit with plenty of cushions or pillows, bring your favourite drink, a handkerchief (or some tissues will do), and something you find comforting because it represents home and safety to you. (It’s obviously useful to have as strong an internet connection as possible too).

“Rich, magical, revealing… still with me years later.” Previous Participant

The FairyTale Library will take place via Zoom, upon booking you will be assigned a 30 minute slot between 5-7pm on Saturday 27th June. A Zoom invitation will be emailed to you 1 day prior to the event. Spots are limited so book now!

Content Warning: Participants are invited to have a conversation that can, if they so choose, get a bit personal – but only to the extent of their comfort level.

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27 Jun
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