Out of the Wings returns to the Omnibus for its annual festival of theatre from the Spanish and Portuguese-speaking worlds.

Over five nights, we present readings of plays from six different countries, in English translation and in the UK for the first time.

After a year spent on screens, our sharing of plays from Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Mexico, Peru and Spain visits physical spaces and internal worlds. In a prison, at a high school or in a shopping mall; out on the city streets or within the privacy of the mind, writers from across Ibero-America explore identity, gender, fear of the unknown, the weight of history, and the limits of empathy, through science fiction, true-life recollection, the abstract, and the all too real.

Alongside digital content, interviews with writers and translators, our festival booksale, and an opportunity to meet the OOTW team informally, join us to discover the best of Hispanic and Lusophone playwriting, in a celebration of international collaboration and theatre in translation.

Born out of a collaboration between its co-founders and the Royal Shakespeare Company’s acclaimed Spanish Golden Age season, Out of the Wings has been bringing English translations of the theatre the Spanish- and Portuguese-speaking worlds to the UK and beyond since 2008. https://www.outofthewings.org

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13-17 JUL
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13 JUL

Complete Sex

We are constantly asked to fill in forms, tick boxes and put things in black and white. But identity and gender are more complex. Not being able to tick a box doesn’t make us incomplete, quite the opposite, it can transform, empower and complete us.


It’s the first day of the final year of secondary school. Meisa lost her spots over the summer. Barrientos is late. And Juan still knows all the answers. Three teenagers feel the first blows of love, cruelty and kindness as they float somewhere between the classroom and the cosmos.


14 JUL

Do doctors have enemies? Do they treat everyone equally? Do they prefer one kind of patient over others? In You Shall Love, a group of doctors prepare their exposition for a conference on humanitarian aid. In the process enquiries and tensions will surge questioning their ideas on diversity, enemy and violence.


15 JUL

Adam and Eve are in Paradise – a multi-storey shopping centre that claims to offer everything they want. But Adam can’t afford anything, and Eve desires it all. A funny, searching play that asks how to be happy in a world that is constantly demanding us to want more.


16 JUL

In an apparently mundane context, a few people start disappearing, who knows where, who knows why. A woman, alongside her husband, tries to understand what’s going on. As she dives into an ever-growing and unending search for answers, the path leads her to learn that perhaps she may never really find them.


17 JUL

How do you look at the enemy in the eye? A Human Rights lawyer, accustomed to solving unwanted cases, receives an unusual proposal: to organise a yoga workshop for the leaders of Peru’s most notorious terrorist groups, who are serving life sentences in a maximum-security prison since the early 90s.