“I am dead. but it is business as usual….”

Based on William Gibson’s 80’s sc-ifi cult novel Mona Lisa Overdrive, Overdrive is Frankenstein for the digital generation. We are living in an age when our future is being determined by our technology. So what does that mean for the species ? Overdrive asks what it is to be human in the deathless world of the digital future.

The voice of an Artificial Intelligence presents a fairytale near-future where sentient machines and humans share a world. Virtual permeates real and the ‘meat’ world of biology looks to a digital hereafter where consciousness is coded and we can live forever.

Performer Linda Marlowe will portray five female characters – three Realworld, one Virtual and one who moves between – as they tell their stories. A Japanese school girl , a Hollywood Star, a Street Girl, an Assassin and an avenging Ghost – five trajectories through time and cyberspace colliding in an extraordinary tale of traded identities, lost mothers, murderous fathers and dreams of immortality.

Linda Marlowe’s career spans over 50 years in TV , Film and theatre as an actress and a director. Linda has had a long association working with Steven Berkoff in the 70’s and 80’s and she has created seven solo shows which she has performed nationally and internationally. Linda has worked in TV and film with the likes of Richard Burton, Peter O’Toole, Albert Finney and Gary Oldman and recently she played the part of Sylvie Carter in EastEnders.

12-17 Mar 2019


£13, £11 concessions

Unreserved seating

Running Time: 65m

Overdrive | Production Gallery

Overdrive | Trailer

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