17 - 18 July 2018


£9, £7 concessions

Unreserved seating

A fearless adventure into the dark heart of a paradigm shift…

Three women, aged 20, 40 and 60 (But not a virgin, mother or hag in sight) set about unpicking the fine weave of existence, re-examining with fresh and furious eyes the threads of gender, fertility, sexual assault, our collective future and the state of feminism today.

This new interactive show by Jolie Booth, creator of highly acclaimed one woman show HIP, and producer of both the award-winning Backstage in Biscuit Land and Rhum and Clay’s TESTOSTERONE, Sisterhood is a newly devised multimedia tale introducing you to a sisterhood caught between two timelines: the witch trials of the 16thC and modern-day women facing a world in political and environmental upheaval.

Sisterhood transports the audience, in this extra-live performance, to a church cell in Wilmington, where three women await their trial in the morning. Soothing and passionate storytelling interweaves the stories of these three women with vestiges from the performers own lives, to reveal an immediate and clear association.

Together we’ll discover what taboos need eating? Which sacred cows we should slaughter? What will help us to thrive? But most importantly of all… How we are going to sort this bloody mess out?

As the analogue world disappears into the mists of time Sisterhood explores what kind of world we are leaving to our daughters of the digital age.



Sisterhood proved to be an insightful and powerful piece dedicated to women and how they were and are still viewed

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