The Smog


The Smog

8 Nov 2018



Unreserved seating

Based on True Events

The SMOG descended on Teesside two weeks ago and since it arrived strange things have been happening- supernatural occurrences and disappearances, sightings of something indescribable in the clouds, something unexplainable in The Smog – There’s been 47 burglaries, 112 sightings of ghostly apparitions, 7 missing cats and a terrible spot of the flu that gives you a really tickly cough…

The SMOG is an ancient and dangerous thing…an invisible thing that hasn’t been seen for a hundred years – and now its back…we think…it’s hard to tell because we haven’t actually seen it, but we’re pretty certain, almost 100 percent sure that it’s out there and it’s trying to get in here, to tear our families apart and destroy the very foundations upon which the latest IKEA showroom was built…

The SMOG is a new one man show by Scott Turnbull (performer) Ed Gaughan (Director) and Eva Collins Alonso (creative associate). It’s a supernatural portmanteau comedy horror that explores fear within modern society.