Where Do All
The Dead Pigeons Go?


Where Do All The Dead Pigeons Go?

10 Nov 2018


£13, £11 concessions

Unreserved seating

Where do all the dead Pigeons go? I could give you the answer right now…but it would ruin the show. Between you and me, I’m still not sure.

With felt-tip pens and his ex-girlfriend’s overhead projector, Scott Turnbull takes us on a journey through space and time. This frolic of cartoon and comic reason miraculously weaves science fiction, memoir, parable, fairytale and farce…its weird, fast and inventive.

Pigeon’s is a story of friendship and loneliness, set on the dark side of the moon. There’s a robot from Middlesbrough and an old school Over Head Projector from 1984. It’s very much inspired by Kurt Vonnegut’s dark humour and Arthur C Clarke’s 2001 Space Odyessy. With live drawings and absurd, existential musings- it’s funny and heart-breaking all at the same time.

Pigeons in the show are fictional and bear no relevance to pigeons existing or dead.



“A bit Mighty Boosh, a bit Red Dwarf.”

Fest Mag


“Witty and wonderfully weird.”

Three Weeks