Summer Season 2019 | All You Have To Do Is Walk In

By March 22, 2019News

Welcome to our Summer Season 2019,

Dynamic and daring, our summer season is filled with national and international theatre makers, presenting stories that have the power to unlock new possibilities and points of view.

Katie Arnstein brings her empowering, deceptively funny one woman show Sexy Lamp in May, chronicling her trials and tribulations as a professional performer where fully clothed and speaking roles are hard to come by.

Simon Stephens’ achingly tender play Country Music, is given a welcome revival in May. Movingly documenting the story of a killer, lost in our criminal justice system. A search for atonement that starts in Thames Estuary and moves across England over twenty years.

Shakespeare makes a comeback in June, as Othello is radically reinvented by Intermission Theatre Company, urgently staging the stories of Othello, Iago and Desdemona in a modern day London boxing ring. It’s Shakespeare, but not as we know it.

In July we’ll welcome a thrilling mix of emerging and established theatre-makers, previewing their work in Clapham before heading to Edinburgh Fringe, giving you the chance to enjoy their compelling productions before anyone else.

August brings a celebration of stories from Spanish and Portuguese speaking playwrights in Out of the Wings Festival, joyously tapping into the richness of these international pieces for the first time in London.

I hope you’ll join us this season, where every story told can open doors to new worlds. All you have to do is walk in.

Ever since Katie was cast as the lead in her primary school Christmas show ‘Santa’s Snow Mobile’ she believed there was a place for her in show business. Since then named, speaking and fully clothed roles have been hard to come by…

Sexy Lamp brilliantly combines comedy, original songs and storytelling to shed a bright light on how ridiculous the industry can be and why Katie is refusing to stay in the dark any longer.

1983, Gravesend. Jamie has committed a crime. What he doesn’t know is that this event will shape the next 20 years of his life. Originally presented at the Royal Court Theatre in 2004, Country Music is a subtle, yet powerful play by Simon Stephens, whose work includes the multi award winning The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time and On the Shore of The Wide World.

A play about protection, atonement, but also about how our experiences and circumstances can define who we are, but not necessarily who we become.

Shakespeare’s gripping tragedy is remixed by Intermission Theatre Company, breathing fresh power into the stories of Othello, Iago and Desdemona in this new production directed by Darren Raymond.

London 2019. Championship boxer Othello has chosen Michael Cassio to be his corner man. Rejected, Iago is riven with jealousy and deceit. Desdemona is in the center of their conflict which may (or may not) lead to a calamitous end.
In an explosive mashup of language, Othello’s story is staged in a modern day London boxing ring, urgently reinventing Shakespeare’s warnings of manipulation, division and revenge.

Out of the Wings presents its fourth annual festival, exploring untapped theatre from the Spanish and Portuguese-speaking world. Over five days, a series of stage readings bring to life new English translations of works by playwrights from five countries, alongside workshops, talks and events, in celebration of theatre in translation.

Get one Jump ahead of Edinburgh Festival Fringe this Summer at Omnibus Theatre.

A dynamic mix of emerging and established theatre-makers will preview their work in Clapham before heading to the largest theatre festival in the world, giving Londoner’s the first chance to revel in imaginative productions before anyone else.


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