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Self-care isn’t selfish and there’s a reason why it has taken social media by storm. SELF(ish) LOVE performer Tommaso Giacomin shares his top self-love tips to get you in a #PositiveMindset ahead of the upcoming run of his show.

My little love seekers are always looking for some quick & easy self-love tips from their favourite human: ME. 

Here’s some quick tips that will cultivate some of that good old self-love you’re so desperately seeking.

1. If you wake up and you’re feeling bloated don’t look in that mirror of yours. Take a hammer and smash every reflecting surface in your house: REMEMBER no one can dim your light, not even your own reflection!

2. Did you have a phone call with a friend and they’re giving you a hard time because you have not replied to their previous 42 messages. BLOCK THEM. You need people in your life that uplift you; not that bring you down.

3. Do you feel like your energy is all over the place, and despite having a non-fat oat matcha latte with non-fat vanilla syrup and 66 conscious breaths, you’re still snapping at your co-worker that is simply asking you to hand him over a pen? Easy. Open your computer, book a trip to Ibiza, and post that cute selfie you took last night! SHARE YOUR SHINE.

4. Are you dreading the holidays? Are you feeling negative feelings towards going back to that suburban town you came from and seeing your family again? If that’s the case, REMEMBER: your mental health comes first. Spend all that money you put aside for their presents to buy yourself bath-bombs, candles, incense, a cute, oversized beige wholly jumper and tell everyone you have covid for the next couple of months. Then run a bath and focus on your self-care.

5. Are you feeling jealous towards Jasmine, that girl in your yoga class that is skinny and can hit all the poses better than you do? Don’t be that kind of girl. A little competition is good! But if it is affecting your self-esteem there’s nothing wrong in telling your yoga studio that she’s been stealing the sage & the yoga mats you have been ‘collecting’ as reward for your hard work!! TRUTH IS RELATIVE. POSITIVITY IS A MINDSET. NAMASTE BITCH.

6. TAKE A DAMN HOT BATH! LIFE IS VERY TIRING. Whilst doing so take your phone and start blocking all the people that haven’t liked any of your posts in the last 14 days. BYE BYE NEGATIVITY.

7. The world is falling apart. People are forgetting that we have been through so much during our lives. We are recovering from covid. The cost of living is rising. THERE’S A BLOODY WAR. And yet we are all guilty of something way worse than all this. We are actively self-sabotaging ourselves by not practising self-love. Self-love is the highest, purest form of love and when you love yourself and step into your own power you shine. And the whole world becomes a better place for it. Do you think Putin would start a war if he loved himself?!!? NO.

8. People. Life is easy. To live is the simplest thing in the world. If you want to have a better life, get up from that sofa, throw away that half-eaten pack of shortbread, call your boss and ask for a promotion. Call your partner and tell them they should show more love.

Go for a walk. Just do it. No, I mean it. Put your phone away. Now. For real. Stop reading. GET UP AND GRAB LIFE BY THE ⚽️ 🏀 . You are welcome.

9. Oprah is like the wind. She will always be there, caressing your skin, whispering in your ear, tearing you down if you fight it, lift you up if you’re skinny enough. Just LISTEN. I’m tired of seeing Cesar-Seekers wanting to improve their life, their self-esteem, their jobs, their relationship and not actually LISTEN to what’s around them.

Be quiet. Google Oprah. There you go. You’re welcome.

10. REPEAT AFTER ME: if I put my mind to it. There is nothing my beautiful person can’t achieve. OPRAH said it. She did it. She won at life. One day I was queueing at Starbucks in LA, and I turned around and guess who was behind me? Oprah’s dog PA. She looked at me straight in the eyes (I was – for once – out of words as I knew exactly who was in front of me), she looked at me and said: “Cesar. Here’s your non-fat chai latte.” How did she know my name? Who knows. The point is: the signs are THERE. Open your eyes, open your heart and book one of my masterclasses “the power of self-love fast road towards success”. We have a Christmas promotion. You buy two tickets; two more tickets will be available to you with a 10% discount! YOU ARE POWERFUL.

Catch SELF(ish) LOVE which is playing as part of our 2022 Autumn Season 1-5 November. Get your tickets HERE→


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