A state-of-the-art season of work exploring how artists can creatively engage with Artificial Intelligence.

“I forced a bot to watch over 1,000 hours of theatre and then asked it to create a theatre festival of its own. Here is the first page.” 

Introducing AI Festival; a state-of-the-art season of work starring an electric line-up of humans and robots. Fusing technology and theatre; AI Festival explores how artists can creatively engage with Artificial Intelligence. 

Journey from the dark side of digital domesticity with ASSISTED, to a drug-fueled dystopia in Fisheye, a battle of the minds in Secret Thoughts, to bot-controlled improv comedy in Artificial Intelligence Improvisation

Two weeks of theatre, comedy, workshops, exhibitions and conversation – log in.

26 JUN - 9 JUL


27 JUN - 2 JUL

Jordan and Connie want their next-generation AI voice assistant – Alivia – to make their perfect lives just that little bit better. But what happens when the technology starts to take control? A funny and searching exploration of love and domesticity in the near future.


28-30 JUN & 9 JUL

Award-winning theatre troupe Improbotics presents Artificial Intelligence Improvisation, a tech-infused improv and science comedy show. Human actors join artificial intelligence robots on a surreal trip in augmented reality, where the robots literally take control of the show. 


4-9 JUL

Do you ever wonder: Am I unique? Do I have a soul? Is there a ghost in the machine? Well you’re not the first, and you won’t be the last.


4-9 JUL

This is the book of Genesis 2. Set in a war torn future, humanity’s last resort for survival is to put its future in the virtual hands of AI technology. An exciting new sci-fi thriller by debut writer Sam Pout, exploring innocence, morality and the chaos of sexuality. 



This special 3-hour workshop will introduce you to working with an artificial intelligence and robot as a co-performer. The workshop will be led by Piotr Mirowski and Boyd Branch of the internationally recognized Improbotics troupe.