Omnibus’ second in-house production opened on Clapham Common in the heart of winter, drawing audiences into the strange world of the Witches, across Clapham and through the Omnibus Theatre building.

This production was supported with funding from Arts Council England, Harold Hyam Wingate Foundation, Berry Bros. and Rudd, Cathedral Developers, Ernest Cook Trust, John D. Wood and Goldsmiths’ Company Charity.


Show description

A country broken by conflict; a world that has forgotten what peace means.

Loyalties and rivalries spill out across the streets. Macbeth’s refuge becomes a bunker; the last hideaway of a man who has turned himself into a monster.

London is at war.

This atmospheric production explores what it means to be a soldier and how conflict spreads across an area, leaving its mark on all in its path.

Omnibus brings Shakespeare’s darkest tragedy to Clapham in a site responsive performance inspired by this landmark location.

Production dates: 11 – 29 November 2014


In order of appearance:

Lady Macduff/Witch 1/Murderer/Gentlewoman: Hannah James-Scott
Malcolm/Witch 2/Murderer: Alex Phelps
Witch 3/Porter/Young Siward: Luke Adamson
Macduff/Sergeant: Jack Bennett
Duncan/Siward/Lord: Stephen Scott
Ross: Francesca Tomlinson
Macbeth: Gregory Finnegan
Banquo/Seyton: Samuel Collings
Lady Macbeth: Jennifer Jackson
Fleance/Child of Macduff: Jamie Flatters, Philip Hadley, Emil Howarth, Izzy Thomas

Creative Team

Director: Gemma Kerr
Producer: Michelle Owoo
Designer: Lorna Ritchie
Lighting Designer: William Reynolds
Sound Designer: Edward Lewis
Production Manager: Ben Luke
Assistant Director: Kathleen Douglas
Assistant Producer: Crystal Noll
Deputy Stage Manager: Hannah Gore
Assistant Stage Manager: Sofie Arnkil
Costume Assistant: Avery Falick
Production Carpenter: Declan Moultry
Fight Director: Bethan Clark

Critical reception and reviews

‘The outdoor settings are incredibly atmospheric… the ambitious staging adds an intriguing new dimension to the work…a bewitchingly original interpretation.’
★★★★ Time Out

‘A smart and deeply atmospheric production… This Macbeth takes us out of the comfort zone and plunges us into the dark places of not just the Common but the human soul’
★★★★★ The Londonist

‘This is the history of English theatre brought (literally) to its people, the rhythms and cadences of the poetry slotting between Little Waitrose and the Common’s paddling pool, itself turned into the witches’ fiery lair’
Broadway World

‘A seamless, captivating and unique performance of the Shakespeare play… Finnegan’s performance is genius… the perfect balance between menace and guilt’
SW Londoner

‘The honesty and realism of Gregory Finnegan’s performance is quite compelling’
A Younger Theatre

‘Jennifer Jackson brings an arresting contemporary edge to Lady Macbeth’

‘The secret to a successful site-specific production is a seamless symbiosis between story and location and Omnibus has achieved exactly that… The acting by no means plays second fiddle to the setting: the delivery of the dialogue is of a consistently high standard throughout…If this is to be your first Macbeth then you won’t be disappointed.’