Spring Offensive garnered widespread critical acclaim – including 5-stars from The Independent and 4-stars from The Times and The Stage – and a nomination for Victoria Willing at The Stage Debut Awards 2017 for Best Writer.

Show description

Welcome to the best Bed & Breakfast on the Somme…

Expat April runs a quality establishment on the site of some of the bloodiest battles of the First World War. Death surrounds it. And sheep, lots of sheep.

There’s dinner to be served and history to pay tribute to. The guests are coming, the sheep are closing in. The table is set for an evening they’ll all remember.

Victoria Willing’s new play is a dark comedy about war, lost boys and fighting for survival.

Production dates: 18 – 30 April 2017


April: Victoria Willing
Tom: Tony Turner
Pam: Maggie Daniels

Creative Team

Writer: Victoria Willing
Director: Marie McCarthy
Assistant Director: Ria Samartzi
Producer: Juliet Clark
Associate Producer: Michelle Owoo
Design: Grace Smart
Assistant Design: Jake Smart
Lighting Design: Fridthjofur Thorsteinsson
Sound Design: Bridget Mason
Projections Design: Olivia Messina
Graphic Design: Stephanie Prior, Jeremy Wong
Costume Supervisor: Natalie Jackson
Technical Manager: Paul Micah
Stage Manager: Isabella Strada
Assistant Stage Manager: Rachel Angeli
Fight Choreographer: Bethan Clarke
Production Photography: Peter Jones

Critical reception and reviews

Victoria Willing nominated at The Stage Debut Awards 2017 for Best Writer

‘Delivers both on bleakness and glorious belly laughter’
★★★★★ The Independent

‘Shrewdly conveys the compromises of middle age & the foibles of Brexit-era Brits abroad’
★★★★ The Times

‘Entertaining yet surprisingly ruthless black comedy about loss and survival’
★★★★ The Stage

‘Black comedy that takes a sinister look at the trivialisation of global conflict’
★★★★ Everything Theatre