Clapham Book Festival 2019

5 Oct

Rival Queens


Award-winning TV historian and NYT bestselling novelist Kate Williams vividly explores the rivalry between Mary Queen of Scots and Elizabeth I and shares her experiences of writing historical fiction.

Beyond the Thirty-Nine Steps


Drawing on new family archive material, award-winning journalist Ursula Buchan discusses the ‘magnificent biography’ of her grandfather John Buchan with Clapham novelist Elizabeth Buchan, revealing the author of The Thirty-Nine Steps in a completely new light.

Our Man In New York


Bestselling local author Henry Hemming talks about a unique wartime propaganda campaign: the covert British operation to manipulate American public opinion and bring the US into WWII.

An Extraordinary Life


Guardian journalist and Ondaatje prize-winner Aida Edemariam talks to novelist Michèle Roberts about The Wife’s Tale, her “outstanding and highly unusual memoir” of her Ethiopian grandmother, sharing how she came to write this lyrical biography.

In Conversation With: Frank Gardner OBE


Drawing on his exciting broadcasting career, BBC journalist and author Frank Gardner delves into the tense mix of fact and fiction in his novels Crisis and Ultimatum with fellow thriller writer Simon Berthon.