Are you looking for a unique summer club for your children?

An interactive and dynamic week fostering creativity in a safe and supportive space! Elf Lyons Clown Club will build your confidence and self-love, all whilst improving their literacy. Using poetry, short stories, puppetry and stand-up comedy techniques – this is the perfect action-packed fun week for all young theatre lovers.

The course is accessible to kids of all abilities. If your kid has SEND please email Elf. Elf is thrilled Omnibus Theatre has a lift and ramps and she aims to ensure all exercises are accessible to all.

At Elf Lyons Clown Club we aim to:

– Build confidence.
– Have fun and be silly being yourself.
– Be resilient trying out new skills.
– Learn how to collaborate and create with others.
– Practice speaking in front of a group in a safe and supportive manner.
– Improve reading ability and communication skills.
– PLUS – No technology (iPhones or iPads) required! Let’s give those screens a rest.

About Elf Lyons

Elf Lyons is a 30 year old qualified drama teacher and professional comedian and clown. Elf loves young people and knows how to make drama fun for kids of all ages and abilities. Elf was (and still is) very dyslexic and found it hard to access books as a child. Elf understands how much this can affect confidence and how lack of self-esteem in reading and speaking out loud affects every aspect of our relationship to education. Hence why she has created this week’s workshop for kids and teenagers.

16-20 AUG
8-12 year olds
9:30AM - 3:30PM
£40 per day
£160 for the whole week
13-16 year olds
4PM - 6PM
£20 per day
£80 for the whole week