Presented by Omnibus Young Company
Directed by Camilla Gurtler

Omnibus Young Company unflinchingly explores the lived experiences of young people during the Blitz. Illuminating and inspiring, In Your Shoes will be performed as a stirring collection of verbatim monologues, devised by the Young Company from true stories of elder South West London residents that lived through World War II. Experience the Blitz and bombs, evacuation and rationing, the preoccupations and passions of ordinary young Londoners during these tumultuous years, vividly retold by our brilliant Young Company.

The Plays:
School by Omnibus Young Company 5 – 7s
Bombings by Omnibus Young Company 8 – 10s
Clapham Stories by Omnibus Young Company 11 – 16s

Max 2 tickets per company member

30 Mar


Reserve your seats in advance

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