Invisible Me


Invisible Me

Sun 21 Oct 2018

11am & 2pm

£9, £7 concessions

Unreserved seating

Age recommendation: 5-11
Duration: 50m

Bo’s life is boring,
So he plays ‘let’s pretend’,
And he draws with his crayons,
An imaginary friend.

But his friend is not helpful,
He’s bad through and through.
So beware what you wish for,
It may just come true!

Bo is bored of the ordinary. He wants to stay up late, eat biscuits and conquer the world. One rainy afternoon, an invisible friend comes bursting into his life, turning Bo’s ordinary world upside down. Wherever Bo goes, his imaginary friend follows… he is there at breakfast time, he’s there when Bo is trying to do his homework, he’s even there when Bo goes to the toilet! But where has this friend come from? And will he ever leave?

From the creators of ‘The Dream Factory’, House of Stray Cats presents a tale of a friendship like no other. Packed full of puppetry, music, magic (and a sprinkle of mischief), ‘Invisible Me’ promises to be an unforgettable experience for the whole family.


Invisible Me | Production Gallery