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William Faulkner advised writers: “Get it down. Take chances. It may be bad, but it’s the only way you can do anything really good.”

Tiny LGBTQ+ Shows is all about taking chances. A building full of LGBTQ+ theatre makers will spontaneously create tons of tiny little pieces of theatre, with people they have probably only just met.

The spontaneity of the process is what makes this a great opportunity to experiment and try a new technique, new process, or even a new craft: writers perform, performers direct, directors write.

Using Harrison Owen’s ‘Open Space Technology’, a method by which large groups can self-organise, a great diversity of both experience and material is created. Participants walk in with nothing prepared, except a willingness to be surprised by what might happen; by the end of the second day, we are a creative collective offering a selection of tiny handmade confections to a roaming audience.

In essence, Tiny LGBTQ+ Shows is a celebration of collaboration, connection and creativity.

“Exhausting, frenzied, funny, touching, human, daring, experimenting, ukulele-ing, sweating. laughing, encouraging, love, respect, celebration, and whatever the word is for when you think you’re going to be frightened and nervous and useless and then it just doesn’t happen like that and everything is amazing.” – previous Tiny Shows participant.

Content warning: devised, improvised work may spontaneously include sexual content and diverse triggers.

23 - 24 Feb 2019

Workshop Sessions 10AM-6PM
Final Sharing: Sun 24, 2PM

Sharing: £5

Unreserved seating

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