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A Futures Theatre production and written by renowned playwright Kay Adshead, A Cracked Plaster Sky is inspired by real stories of women working in street prostitution and tells the irreverent and painfully amusing story of Grace, and the voice inside her head. We asked director Caroline Bryant to tell us more…


What do you hope that audiences will take away from watching A Cracked Plaster Sky?

An understanding of the extraordinary resilience of women living with and through adversity. An adversity that is, in my view, man-made and at the core of a misogynist system that creates the objectification and abuse of women. I’d like the audience to experience the hope that sits within traumatic experiences; the hope for something better and the knowledge that within all circumstances if we can retain hope then we are alive both physically and spiritually.

What, if anything, scares you about making ACPS?

I’m most nervous and excited by the challenge to do justice to the epic nature of this play. I feel a weight of responsibility to tell the story of so many of the vulnerable women we’ve worked with over the last few years who have shared these experiences and lived with unbearable social injustices. The exploration of an undefinable other place that instinctually has the power to feed and sustain our character Grace as she ricochets through life will be a delightful challenge.

What part does theatre play in changing perceptions?

Theatre certainly has the potential to challenge all of us to review our judgements, perceptions and prejudices. Through theatre, in the broadest sense, we have a fantastic way to communicate using our senses and are not restricted only to the spoken written vocabulary. We can put a scenario, an experience, a person under the lights where we can scrutinise, and examine the content with an emotional depth which helps us to experience ‘another’s’ world. In that light watching others playing life out we can interrogate the dark corners, see what destroys, where emotions emerge from and grow into, we can identify the consequences delivered by the actions of ourselves or others. Through this process we can change perceptions and in turn impact social structures and norms.

Which other show in the festival are you excited about?

Mary and Me is a show I’m excited to catch within the festival. The relationship between faith and the very start and end of life is fascinating to me. I also appreciate the process of a true story being recognised as valuable enough to be re-created for the theatre. A Dangerous Woman is another play I can’t wait to see. Any new play that is ‘bold and unapologetic’ and unusually looks at a ’strong and dangerous’ woman is well worth the ticket.

A Cracked Plaster Sky will be at Omnibus Theatre from Tue 24 – Sat 28 Oct, as part of our October festival, Perception 2017. For more information or to book tickets, click here

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