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Hi everyone! I’m Brooke, and I have been working as a marketing intern for Omnibus Theatre over the summer. For the past few months, I have been working on and learning about the incredible shows for the upcoming Autumn season, with one catch. I’ll be flying back home to America before I even get the chance to catch any of the shows. Since I can’t see what is set to be an amazing line-up of shows this autumn, I am passing on my list of top picks to you so you don’t miss the best of what Omnibus has to offer.


17– 21 Sept

Kicking off our Autumn season is HighTide and Nottingham Playhouse Theatre Company’s production of LIT. Everyone can relate to the struggles of teenage romance and heartbreak, and Sophie Ellerby brings this to life in Bex. Following Bex as she tries to find love in all the wrong places is a story that everyone can relate to.


8-27 Oct

Watching a mysterious and women-empowering show all while sitting at tables? Sign me up! Femme Fatale brings a non-traditional audience set-up to make this story even more intimate. The untold story of Valerie Solanas and Nico is filled with feminism and deceit to kick off our Perception Festival 2019: Nasty Women. While I’d strongly recommend seeing any of our Perception Festival shows if you’re wanting shows following fiesty, powerful women, this show should definitely be at the top of your list.


11-13 Oct

What would your 20-year-old self think of you? The time-old question is answered by David Edgar’s Trying it On. For fans of both history and coming of age stories, Trying it On compares famed playwright David Edgar’s life from his 20’s to his 70’s. From student revolts to Brexit voters, Edgar’s generation serves as the perfect inspiration for how people can change across the decades into strangers.


18 Oct

Burlesque? Spoken Word? Voguing? This show has it all. If you are looking for a night full of fun, feisty performances, look no further than The Cocoa Butter Club. They’re taking Omnibus by storm for a celebration of artists of colour for one night only, so be sure to scoop up your tickets before they are gone.


29-30 Oct

Bringing comedy to drama, Gutted tells the story of three women living in Dublin in the 1980’s. I’m a sucker for a good historical fiction play, so this show is a must-see for me. Historical plays always have meant so much to me because they both entertain audiences and cause them to reflect on how much society is changed. With Ireland’s new abortion referendum, Gutted is the perfect chance to take a look at how history repeats itself. Guaranteed to make you laugh and reflect on your own life, this show has something for everyone in October.


19 Oct – 17 Nov

Sometimes you just need to see a show that will play on your heartstrings. The Match Box is that perfect show. A heart-wrenching story sure to touch the audience with its sincerity and simplicity, The Match Box talks about parental love and revenge in a moving production by the iconic Irish playwright Frank McGuinness.


31 Oct, 25 Nov

Tired of seeing the same show over and over again? Why not try a completely different version of theatre that relies on an audience reaction as much the actual performers themselves. See shows in the first stage of development before anyone else with fresh writing from fresh faces attempting to enter the world of fringe theatre. Ranging from comedy to drama, I am very jealous of those who get to become part of the theatre-making process first hand during engine room.


19-24 Nov

Let’s just say this show is not for the faint of heart. Without getting into too many details or spoilers, this show is pushing boundaries beyond anything we’ve put on at Omnibus before. Although this VERY untraditional love story does come straight out of nightmares, it’s impossible to deny that you aren’t at least a little intrigued to see how it turns out.


4-30 Dec

After very successful runs of children’s Christmas shows the past few years, the original Omnibus production this winter is The Little Prince. Beloved by both children and adults, everyone is inspired by the universal themes of friendship and curiosity that still play a role in all of our lives today. With puppetry, song, and a little bit of magic, this show is perfect for both kids and their parents too.

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