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Pedro Leandro | 5 Incredible True Crime Shows to Prepare You For Fiji

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The true crime genre has exploded in the past couple of years. There is something deeply thrilling about watching an investigation unfold before your very eyes, and the fact that it really happened only makes it more exciting. There are SO many to choose from and they really cater to all tastes. I compiled 5 of my favourites to get you in the mood for our wonderful rollercoaster of a show, where you might recognize a few of the themes from these shows…

Writer Pedro Leandro shares his top true crime picks to whet your appetite for the upcoming run of his play Fiji at the Omnibus Theatre next month. Scroll down to see his selection ↓

Tiger King

When compiling a list of true crime documentaries, Tiger King is completely unavoidable. It was probably the first true crime documentary I ever watched and it is, in a word, bonkers. At its best the true crime genre introduces you to a niche world that you previously knew nothing about. It then takes you deep down an incredible rabbit hole within which you will be completely convinced of a different theory about what really happened in each episode. Finally, it has an incredible protagonist, and it doesn’t really ever get more incredible (in very much a literal “how is this man even real” way) than Joe Exotic. If you’re one of the 6 people in the world who hasn’t seen it, do yourself a favour and just go for it.

Jeffrey Epstein: Filthy Rich

This one is pretty much the opposite of Tiger King in many ways, but it’s just as gripping. At this point, we’re probably all aware of the staggering reach of the crimes of Jeffrey Epstein. This documentary takes you through the story step by step. It’s not an easy watch and it’ll make you angry as heck, but in my opinion it’s absolutely essential viewing to realise not just how much of a monster this man was but also, and more importantly, how a deeply involved and corrupt system shielded him and all of his associates. 

Bikram: Yogi, Guru, Predator

If Tiger King is on one end of the spectrum and Filthy Rich is on the other, I’d say that the story of the charismatic multimillionaire yogi Bikram sits right in the middle. On the one hand, he is a fascinating and colourful character much like Joe Exotic; on the other, he is a manipulative psychopath like Jeffrey Epstein. It’s a very well-made character study and a deep dive into the world that he created: a world in which he can exploit his power and charm for his own, quite horrible ends. 

Don't Fuck With Cats

Another absolute classic. I was actually told about this one by Fiji co-creator Eddie. If Tiger King takes you deep into the world of exotic zoo’s and Bikram into that of yoga, the world that is explored in this one is simply the internet. And specifically, the one unspoken rule of the internet: do not, under any circumstances, fuck with cats. Because if you do, we will look for you, we will find you, and we will… You get it. It’s an incredible story that will have you hooked from the very start and delivers on its initial stakes in a big way. 

American Vandal

Ok this final one is a bit of a cheat. It’s not a true crime documentary, it’s actually a mockumentary. American Vandal capitalizes on the ubiquity of the true crime genre and plays on its tropes to create, in my opinion, one of the best comedies of the past few years. It follows Peter Maldonado, a high-school student and aspiring filmmaker in California as he tells the story of his schoolmate Dylan Maxwell who has been accused of vandalizing the teachers cars by drawing… Well, a bunch of dicks on them. It’s so stupid and yet so clever and it’s exquisitely made and it will make you laugh out loud and I cannot recommend it enough. 

Pedro’s show Fiji is playing as part of our 2022 Spring Season 8-25 March. Get your tickets HERE→


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