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5 Ways To Celebrate International Women’s Day at Omnibus Theatre All Month Long
ONE. The Seven Ages of Woman.

Kicking off March is the final leg of the SHE tour (7-12 Mar) – an enthralling new play inspired by The Seven Ages of Man speech in Shakespeare’s As You Like It. This powerful play charts women’s experiences across a lifetime in “an eloquent mediation on life” (The Guardian). SHE offers a poignant analysis of the human condition that ultimately celebrates the indefatigability of the human spirit. This is a must-see for anyone interested in clever contemporary adaptations of familiar works and women’s experiences. 

SHE will be performed at Omnibus Theatre on 7-12 Mar. Find out more here→ 

A production shot for Myth Refreshed, featuring a person curled up in fetal position in the centre of the stage and another person hovering above them surrounded by a circular structure with led lights and plants

Omnibus Theatre celebrates International Women’s Day all month long with a special programme of work exploring life through the multifaceted lens of womanhood (SHE, 7-12 Mar), featuring stories about queerness (Barely Visible, 31 Mar), motherhood (Wild Country, 11-12 Mar and AIYAA, 18-19 Mar), sex and stigma (Sticky Door, 17 Mar), the climate crisis (Eco Maniac, 13-15 Mar), finding community (SWIM, 16-18 Mar), obsession and body image (Seen 00:25, 17-19 Mar), myth (Myth Refreshed, 18 Mar), culture and customs (You Are African First Before Anything, 19 Mar) and more.

Discover the full programme here→ 


Join us for a night of laughter at Material Girls Comedy with some of the funniest women in the industry, showcasing the unique perspectives and talents of female comedians. Material Girls Comedy is curated and hosted by the South London-renowned attention-seekers Aisha Amanduri and Sascha LO

Material Girls Comedy is back at Omnibus Theatre on 18 Mar and 15 Apr→ 


This month our Café Bar becomes the home of Sister Octopi. This unique immersive installation is the result of a long-distance collaboration between two talented artists and cousins: Dubai-based Natalya Konforti and Justine Formentelli resident in London.  

Sister Octopi is a mesmerizing exploration of identity, belonging, and adaptation, but it is also a tribute to the strength and resilience of sisterhood in the face of loss and tragedy. The installation takes the form of suspended scrolls, which invite you to wander along tentacular detours and become fully immersed in a world of connections.

The exhibition is will be open to the public in our Café Bar and throughout the building during March (7-29 Mar). Find out more here →


Are you ready to celebrate International Women’s Day all month long? Introducing “Girls Just Wanna Have… Rum,” a tantalizing twist on the classic Dark and Stormy that we’ll be serving in the Omnibus Theatre Café Bar this month. Head down to our Café Bar for some swanky tunes and a cozy atmosphere. Sip on this drink and raise a toast to all the incredible women who have paved the way and continue to inspire us all!


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