Astronomical lez Anne McClain commits the first ever space crime in a win for queer representation. Is she a criminal, or a hero?

In August 2019, NASA astronaut Anne McClain was accused of accessing her estranged wife’s bank account while aboard the International Space Station. Now everyone knows that she is a massive lesbian.

This is the dawn of space crime and a new era for queer representation. Is she truly a criminal… or a hero? Thankfully, she’s not from one of 73 Earth-countries where she would be a criminal for being gay at all.

Isolated up in space, Anne’s left suddenly representing all the Earth-queers. Meanwhile, she just wants to get on with the first ever all-female spacewalk, as long as NASA packed enough of the lady-sized suits (spoiler: they forgot. Yes, IRL).

In a brutal constellation of bad times, Anne still has to go through an Earth-space break up. She’s divorcing the mother of her son, the woman who outed her to planet Earth, and the queen of all Geminis.

LESBIAN SPACE CRIME is a comedy about messy queers, the pressure of being an ambassador for an underrepresented community, and tfw NASA gives you too many tampons.

LESBIAN SPACE CRIME was shortlisted for New Diorama’s UNTAPPED Award in 2020.

Lesbian Space Crime was broadcast live on Omnibus Theatre’s YouTube channel and is available to stream now.

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Lesbian Space Crime