Online Content Artists: Ira Brand, Rachel Briscoe and Silvia Mercuriali


Throughout the festival we will have regular ‘Afternoon Art Breaks’ on Instagram featuring some of our art babe faves, including 3 brilliant new commissions or rarely seen pieces of work by Ira Brand, Rachel Briscoe and Silvia Mercuriali.

Read more about each of the pieces below, and catch them on the Omnibus Instagram page from 1pm each day of the festival!

Rachel’s work will premiere on Tuesday 1st, Ira’s on Wednesday 2nd and Silvia’s on Friday 4th March. 
1, 2, 4 MAR
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1 MAR, 1PM

Rachel Briscoe is a writer and dramaturg who most often makes work as part of digital story studio Fast Familiar. Occasionally she creates things on her own, equipped only with a bicycle and a GoPro. (Not all her creations involve a bicycle and a GoPro, but this one did.) For Rachel, art is a way of imagining collective change.

About Left Turn:

Left Turn is about the invisible ways that women and girls are shaped to behave, and the places in the world where being shaped like that can be dangerous.


2 MAR, 1PM

Ira is an artist, performance-maker, and writer. She makes interdisciplinary, usually live, work, often about power, gender, language, labour, and desire.

About like the party has been cancelled:

Ira is currently in the final stages of making a new work, like the party has been cancelled, which will – after several pandemic postponements – finally premiere in March 2022. like the party has been cancelled is about wanting to bring order to mess, and wanting to disrupt order. About control, about losing yourself, and about desire. A collage performance of cut up bodies, grafted animals, half landscapes, recomposed histories, dissected worlds. For GET ON THE INTERNET! she is taking a detour into her images, a snapshot of the practice of taking it apart, and attempting to put it all back together again.

More about like the party has been cancelled.


4 MAR, 1PM

Silvia Mercuriali is an internationally acclaimed theatre maker and artist originally from Milan and based in London since 2000. She is best known as one of the pioneers of the strategy of AUTOTEATRO, which she applies to create intimate immersive experiences in unusual spaces. Silvia has experimented with this new strategy applying it, stretching it and moulding it to different technologies and in different contexts constantly inviting audiences to question what is real and what is not.

She has been commissioned by cultural centres and theatres including Brisbane Powerhouse (AUS), Museum of Art of Kochi (JP) as well as UK commissioning bodies such as Welcome trust, Fuel Theatres, The Roundhouse, Battersea Arts Centre, Harrogate Theatre, Yorkshire Festival and the Arts Council of England

About Blank:

Blank was created in 2020 for Odvent calendar – a collective advent calendar curated by Gemma Brockis. Silvia used her Autoteatro strategy to create a theatrical experience for one audience member and a piece of paper. Wear a set of headphones, follow the instructions and discover the landscape emerging slowly, with yourself at the very centre of it.

You can experience Blank by clicking this link