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Welcome to the first Spring Season in a new decade for Omnibus Theatre. Having recently celebrated our 10th birthday, we’re delighted to kickstart the new year with a vibrant season which explores the many lenses through which we view the world; challenging expectations, celebrating the extraordinary in the everyday and delving into our past, present and future.  



3-13 JAN

The Next Page Season offers writers the chance to share a script they’re currently working on with a public audience, allowing them to gather feedback from friends and family, invite industry professionals and help to progress their play onto the next stage.


16 JAN-3 FEB

Catherine Shaw spent the 90s shocking the art world with her provocative performance art. She’s always called herself a feminist, but looking back through the lens of #MeToo, she’s questioning how much she enabled the culture she now sees being called out. An ambitious Curator approaches her to put together an exhibition of female Artists at a major new gallery; a scandal breaks and unwittingly caught in the centre, she begins to question everything.   


3-4 FEB

Remythed takes stories from the backgrounds of its five performers and reshapes, reforms, and retells them, sprinkled with queer truth and joy. Sheherazade to Anansi by way of Lady Godiva, are shown anew leaving you extremely joyful, a bit tearful and questioning every story you’ve been told.


7-21 FEB

When Yasser decides to take part in itikaf, sleeping and fasting in the mosque for the last ten nights of Ramadan, he soon regrets his decision. But as he navigates smug worshippers, shared bathrooms, and recurring thoughts of chunky chips, Yasser’s isolation forces him to confront a side of himself he’s been trying to keep hidden.


23-25 FEB

A show about how not to blow up the planet. About diplomats, activists, and a journey to change the world. If nuclear weapons could wipe out all our tomorrows, then why aren’t we all talking about them today?


28 FEB-17 MAR

Can you truly separate the art from the artist? 

Art curator Yasmin embarks on a journey delving into the enigmatic life of the late artist Ray Blackwood and uncovers the haunting truth behind the mysterious painting “Scarlet Sunday”. 

The searing drama Scarlet Sunday explores the blurred lines between art and its creators, questioning our complicity in idolising their creations. 


23-24 MAR

In the wake of a relationship, a woman is sifting through other people’s stories in an attempt to contain the overflow of her thoughts. A captivating and comedic piece of magical realism about how we grieve the things we lose. Blending true stories with fiction, movement, comedy and live music. 


2-14 APR

“Blessed are the hags and the harlots, for they shall be celebrated in this show.” 

 This dark comedy follows a struggling actor trying to liberate herself and break through gender stereotypes by playing a punk Virgin Mary on stage. This lapsed Catholic questions the labels bestowed by religion and society. Not to mention her disapproving mother. 



3-20 APR

Ana’s in her 30s, ‘gifted and Black’. What’s not to like? Could being in your 30s, ‘gifted and Black’ be the problem? Is it her, is it them, or is it love itself? Love Steps is a fusion of poetry, dance and music following a Black Woman’s journey to finding love.


14 JAN | 11 FEB | 10 MAR | 14 APR

As featured in Time Out, an open mic night showcasing the London spoken word poetry scene. Windows To The Spirits draws crowds with its headliners and open mic talent captivating audiences from all around London.


26 JAN | 23 FEB

Katy Schutte, Lloydie James Lloyd and Sam Marshall perform a brand new musical inspired by Stephen Sondheim and Jason Robert Brown. The characters, location, music, lyrics and story are created in the moment and inspired by a single audience suggestion. This is a funny, heartfelt, queer-leaning show about the everyday.


20 JAN | 17 FEB | 16 MAR | 20 APR

A mixed bill comedy show starring some of the biggest and brattiest up-and-coming comedians on the UK circuit. Expect a night of laughs from four brilliant comedians who were spoilt as children and a famous headliner who still uses their daddy’s Uber account.


19 FEB | 11 MAR | 15 APR

Dynamic theatre makers present work for the very first time in front of a live audience. Our regular scratch programme, where dynamic and talented theatre makers present daring, new work in the first stages of development.